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Voluntary Battery Replacement Announcement


Dear Circular Computing user,

We have been informed by our battery partner 2Power that in a limited number of older generation HP 840 G1 Circular Computing™ laptops some batteries may show signs of swelling.

Although the swelling encountered has been very slight, we feel that over time this could cause a problem and for this reason, we would like to offer all affected users a new replacement battery free of charge.

At Circular Computing™ we take the quality of our products very seriously and although no instances of overheating or damage have been reported by any customers, we feel that taking a proactive approach is the best course of action.

Working together with 2Power we have already ordered replacement batteries. Naturally, these will take some time to arrive from the factory and we apologise for the inconvenience caused by a delay in the replacement process.

If you have a product that is affected, until a replacement battery arrives you should turn off your laptop, remove the battery, and only power your Circular Computing™ laptop by plugging in the AC adapter and power cord.

Please visit the sections below on our website to see if you are eligible for a free replacement battery.

If you are affected by this issue, thank you for working with us to help resolve this as quickly as possible.

Please can we ask for your patience as there may be a small delay while we wait for replacement batteries from our partner 2Power.

Yours sincerely,

Rod Neale


2Power batteries

We only work with responsible partners such as 2Power in order to create a premium user experience for Circular Computing™ products. 2Power is part of a group on companies in Europe that have been supplying batteries and parts for over 20 years to the trade. We only choose to work with suppliers such as 2Power after a stringent quality and supplier verification process. Unfortunately, no one is perfect and when problems arise, we all need to work together as quickly as possible and put the customer first. Although unfortunate that there have been some instances of swelling encountered in some of 2Powers range of batteries, we are to commend them on the proactive and responsible way in which they are helping us to support our users with a solution.


Some batteries have shown slight signs of swelling. Although no customers have reported any damage or overheating, this swelling could cause these problems in the future.

In most cases, it's very hard to see if the battery pack is swelling. For this reason regardless of whether your battery is showing signs of swelling or not we are offering a free replacement on all affected models (see eligibility criteria below)

One battery v2

Normal battery - side view

Normal Battery from side.jpg

Swollen battery - side view

Swollen battery

Side by side comparison

comparison picture

Eligibility for free battery replacement (affected models).

  1. The affected model of laptop is the HP 840 G1.
  2. Battery manufactured by 2Power
  3. Part number: CBP3516A

Affected batch range: Top number (181022 to 190730) If your battery has the number that falls within this range it may be affected.

2Power on Battery
Spec photo

What to do next ? (If you are eligible for a free battery replacement)

Before your replacement battery arrives, you should turn off your laptop, remove the battery, and only power your Circular Computing laptop by plugging in the AC adapter and power cord.

  • Batteries are hazardous waste. Once you have removed your battery it needs to be safely disposed of.
  • Do NOT throw batteries into the rubbish or recycling bins. Take the battery to your local eWaste/recycling centre (usually municipal waste sites have a section to place waste batteries in).
  • Do not mail or post the battery as there are laws in place that govern the shipment of batteries through the postal system.
  • Do not return them to us or your reseller as we are not registered to recycle batteries.

We fully appreciate the time you will take to correctly dispose of your battery and thank you for understanding that we cannot accept any batteries back from customers.

Replacement Process

Replacement batteries will be made available from the end of September 2019 onwards as they are currently undergoing manufacture.

In the meantime please follow this process;

  • Remove the affected battery from your laptop.
  • Check it falls with the batch range 181022 – 190730.
  • Register for a replacement to be sent by contacting your reseller or alternatively email: or who will both assist with providing you with a replacement.
  • Once you have received the replacement battery – reinstall it into the laptop and continue use as normal. You may need to recalibrate your new battery to ensure you get the best performance from it.
  • Dispose the old battery accordingly.


  • Your full contact details
  • Laptop serial number
  • Battery batch code number
  • Full address for where the replacement is to be sent

Re-calibration of New Battery

If you do require a new battery then it is standard procedure to ensure re-calibration of your Circular Computing™ laptop to the new 2Power battery following our user guide that is also available with your original packaging.

Additional Information

This voluntary replacement battery program is only applicable to batteries that are eligible for replacement

This program doesn’t extend the warranty of your Circular Computing standard warranty coverage and doesn’t affect your statutory or warranty rights.

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